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"My self portrait expresses my frustration and confusion at struggling to integrate the fractured parts of myself as a woman; wife, mother and artist. - Who will I be today?"


- D. Matlin

Santa Fe, NM

© D.Matlin



"I wanted not only a portrait of my wife for the master bedroom suite of our new house but a work of art in itself. And Dayna Matlin was both sensitive to our needs, and a consummate professional.


She provided us with a number of sketches and color studies in the process though, in truth, we really left most of those decisions up to her.  


My wife was delighted that Dayna took the time to really get to know her and put so much of who she is in the portrait. And we could not have been more pleased with the final work." 


- C. Green

Sherman Oaks, CA

© D.Matlin

© D.Matlin

"Last year Dayna painted a wonderful, life-sized portrait of my wife. The painting is in our home, and every time I look at it I am reminded of how much I love my wife and how beautiful she is.


We both enjoyed the entire process -  from meeting Dayna and discussing the work, to posing, seeing it completed and then hanging it in our home.


She captured so much of my wife's personality and appearance that I am both reminded of her company and miss her in equal measure whenever I look at the painting."


- J. Blum

Oakland, CA

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