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My portraits, while honest representations of the subject, are not intended to be photo-realistic but are instead artistic interpretations of the collaboration between my client and myvision of them. 



Any portrait commission begins with extensive conversations with the subject as to what this work will mean to them, why they want it and what they wish to express about themselves. The subject of the portrait is always invited to visit my studio and, if possible, I always try to visit the location where the painting will live.


This is followed by a private photo session for my reference only. I then provide a series of sketches and color studies for my subject's review so that they fully participate in the creation of the work to determine its composition, size and color palette.


Upon completion, the work is presented to the subject for any final touches or minor alterations if desired. The edges are provided finished and the work is wired for hanging. Consultation of framing is included if preferred.


You'll find examples and client testimonials on the portrait page of my website. References are available upon request. Email and provide your phone number if you'd like to discuss a possible commission.  

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