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Although many people still believe mental illness is caused by psychological events in childhood, it is actually a malfunction of our brains' neurotransmitters.


Stigma and discrimination trap people by making them feel disgraced and helpless, and preventing them from getting help. We make the problem worse by linking mental illness with violence and evil, which is not usually the case. Those afflicted are more likely to harm themselves or be attacked by others.


Brain diseases often cause internal suffering and the toll that it takes on one's body is just as evident as having a physical ailment. If you do not have a mental health issue yourself, it is very likely that you know someone who does.





NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness   


NAMI of California


The Life Link, Santa Fe NM  


Bring Change 2 Mind — Working to end the stigma


6.1 million American adults live with bipolar disorder"


                - National Alliance of Mental Illness 

                  March 2015


the stigma of

mental illness 

is something 

I take to heart." 


           - Jason 

© D.Matlin

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